How To Prepare for Your Complementary Coaching Session

Goal: Maximum Results In The Time Scheduled. Note: All Sessions Are Scheduled In Advance. Time Slots Are Limited. Only 10 Remain This Month. 

Hello,  I am very happy you are interested in my offer for a 15-20 minute complimentary coaching session.  I value everyone’s time and when it comes to a coaching call, my goal is for you to receive a very high return on your investment of your time.  There are several agreements we must reach before proceeding.

Our Agreement:

1. You call in at the agreed upon time. If you are late by more than 2 minutes. You will have lost this opportunity for now. I will confirm the number to call when I have received your information by email.  Click Here for My Email Address

2. All the data requested in Part 2. is completed and returned to me by email.

3. If at anytime by email or by phone there is something you do not understand, it is very important you stop me so we are clear.

4. You are permitted to record the call as a reminder of what we discussed and what I suggest during the call.

5. You agree to email me a brief testimonial following our call and by doing so you grant me the permission to publish what you write

Part 2.

For us to have the most productive session, please prepare and email me the following information.  This is so I can help you. I am a professional and I honor the confidentiality of all data submitted. If you don’t have some of the information requested, say none.
Click Here for my email address  Once I receive your information I will contact you to arrange a time for our call that works for both of us.

1. Full Name – First and Last
2, Email address
3. Cell Phone Number
4. Business Address (street, city, state
5. Name of business  and  description of your  business or business idea
6. Website
7. How long in business
8. How many employees
9. Your brief business background
10  Number of hours you work on your business each week.
11 Annual revenue this year and next year projected
12 Annual profit this year and next year projected before owner’s salary or draw.
13. Describe your idea customer
14. Describe how you market your business now.
15. What is the number one item you would like me to help you with on this call.

I look forward to talking with you. In the meantime

May your success exceed all your amazing dreams and desires.

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC
PH 727-587-7871

PS Remember My Book Is Based On How I Coach

“Steve has been the host of our monthly Oracle Success call for those who want advice on growing their business, including the professional and personal challenges that come with the territory. His commitment to helping others through questioning what works and challenging what doesn’t has been a refreshing experience. I enjoy working with Steve to help others grow their business. Use his book as a GPS to building revenue and profits and I urge you to begin immediately.”

George Ross, Best-Selling Author, Negotiation and Business Speaker and Entrepreneur with a notable career of successfully building businesses, Executive Vice President and Senior Council of The Trump Organization.

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To Start:

1.Visit this link
2.Scroll Down
3. Leave a customer review – 5 stars would be nice :)
4. Examples of what you could say:
  • Great book – a blueprint for every business owner
  • This is a fast start how to for every entrepreneur – read it now
  • The exact steps on how to build business profits fast. What the business community needs. 
  • Check out the  bonus chapters in the book. Steve has over delivered. 
  • Your own words

(If someone already has used the exact word suggested here then you could say something like ” I completely agree with ____ or I wholeheartedly agree with________

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Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC
PH 727-587-7871

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