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Accepting 2 People In My Results Guaranteed Coaching Program for Only $240 No Additional Fees for This Special Program. Move Fast

Results Guaranteed CoachingI am offering 2 people the opportunity to work directly with me in my Results Guaranteed Coaching Program for $240

Bonus – Your Out of Pocket Risk Is $40

My Basic Results Guaranteed Coaching is priced at $15,000 annually. Why would I offer this to two people for $240 especially since the money is not even paid to me?

I will answer all your questions

First What Is Results Guaranteed Coaching?

Results Guaranteed Business Coaching and Consulting

I offer results guaranteed for a business coaching or consulting program.

I determine the person or company has the skills, resources and willingness to implement directed changes.

There is clear agreement in writing as to the success and timing of those successes.

The owner and team are ready to follow a specific direction.

Results: I will only accept a coaching or consulting engagement if I am convinced the agreement to grow revenue in profits will be honored and the commitment to follow the coaching process will be met. 

I am very experienced in business and as a successful  coach and consultant in many industries. For this opportunity we must be convinced we will work well together and I must have I high level of confidence you will follow the coaching program and take decisive action as directed.

Please note: while this is a very specific business opportunity I will be incorporating all the fundamental tools and processes used when coaching my most experienced and sophisticated clients.

Nothing Happens Until You Move!

There were three opening one is taken leaving 2 left.  If you feel you are qualified, email me now with the top 5 reasons why you are qualified.  Before you do please read the rest of this article.

What Is The $240 For?

I recently published an article on my surprise at joining a new team.  Essentially I became very interested because of the value contribution to overall health and the simplicity of the new formula for growing the business.  I already knew the one person I want in my group of three leaders and he immediately joined me. The other two slots I knew I wanted to work with people who could clearly see the opportunity for two things: 1.) to learn from my experience and the experience of my extended team and 2.) to grow their own lucrative business in this niche.

The niche is the health and nutrition industry and specifically direct selling.  Note: You will be amazed at the unique and simple way to attract most anyone to be open to this idea. It is so simple and logical that when I heard it I simply knew it was a bulls eye because of it simplicity and attractiveness. The $240 pays for your franchise fee and a $169 product pack. So most of your money is for product for your health at wholesale.  Where else you can start a business for $249 plus have an experienced coach and consultant guiding you?  An expert whose fees start at $15,000 annually.

Note many experienced people will promise to guide you.  There is a big difference between delivering a standard marketing program and coaching you on how to grow a hugely successful business with structure and systems. 

What Are The Qualifications?

There are actually only 2:

1. You must be coachable – this means you agree to follow a proven system for building your business. I am not expecting you to be a robot but I do  expect you to implement agreed upon action steps.

2. You must have the ability to coach and develop your team as I am coaching and developing you.  This means you must be professional in you speech, writing and how you treat people. You must have sufficient confidence to take action. I am not interested in a “walk through  walls – I have all the answers” type of personality. I have a meeting with the expert who brought me into this business early in the morning because I want to make sure I am moving in the right direction to build my organization – the one you will be part of really fast and profitably.

What Happens If There Are 100 or More Qualified People?

There will still be only two selected to work directly front line to me. Those two plus the one already in will work with me directly on a daily weekly basis.   The process I will teach is duplicateable so they can teach the three people that come under them and so on. We will accept everyone and help build the organizations of those joining.  However the top three slots are unique and there are only three.

What Is The Company and What Are The  Products?

For now accept the fact this company’s root go back to 1903 and the primary product pak addresses the three major health issues in the world: diabetes, cholesterol and obesity.

If You Are Not Already Emailing Me This Opportunity Is Not For You

Nothing Happens Until You Move! Email Me Now !

For Your Success

Steve Pohlit
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Real Estate Investor, Business Turnaround and  Real Estate Investment Coach

Real Estate Investor, Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach


What The Appointment of Mel Watt Means To Real Estate Investors.

The following is my viewpoint based on my experience as  a business executive. I am   currently an active  real estate investor and business turnaround/ real estate investment coach.  For more information on my coaching program please Click Here

I look forward to your comments.


Freddie Mac and Fannie MaeAs reported by Investors Business Daily

“Housing: In his first big speech as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s new regulator, Mel Watt did everything but solicit subprime loans for the mortgage giants. His easy credit crusade is off and running.”

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:



A brief review – sub prime lending led to the collapse of the real estate market.  Easy credit meant the prices for residential real estate in particular  were driven up.  Property values were inflated because of the demand that was created by easy credit.  Condos, townhomes and single family homes were over built in anticipation the growth would not stop. When people could no longer afford the payments the bubble burst.  There is more to it but that illustration is one most can understand.

Once the collapse happened there were huge opportunities to acquire property at 20-50% of the original value.

Fast forward -One would think the lessons were learned. However, it looks like Mel Watts is opening the faucet again to easy credit.  What is the strategy of today’s real estate investor with the information another housing bubble and  bust is in the making? 

Did the hedge funds that  bought tons of residential inventory in the past couple of years know about this policy shift or maybe they have been lobbying for the policy shift   because they stand to make a ton of money. They will make a ton of money from the increasing home prices that result from an ease of credit and a lack of inventory. Note this is speculation as I have no personal knowledge of them doing that. However, I find it interesting that big money typically has not invested in residential real estate.

Is it possible the banks are sitting on non performing mortgages in excess of 2 million homes because they know cheap credit is coming and demand for homes will  increase. The law of supply and demand delivers higher prices when demand out paces supply.

I Am Highly Suspicious of These Actions and Trends.  However, Let’s Look At  What I Am Doing and What I Am Advising My Clients

1. Adjust the buying profit formula to reflect rising prices – normally we do not factor appreciation but now we will.  Note funding partners will not be adjusting their formula just yet.  That is OK. For buy and holds we will reduce our near term profit for a bigger gain longer term.

2. Watch all trends carefully. Those who were heavily invested in 2007 and got out were very successful.  What will be the cycle?  I don’t have crystal ball. However, I would say at least a 5 year uptick. What do you think?

What Is Likely To Happen In The Commercial Sector?

Currently we expect little changes as interest rates continue to be favorable.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac generally do not effect the lending formulas for commercial buildings.  However, we will be carefully monitoring rental market trends for properties we are evaluating.  Our view is distressed building in a good area will continue to be good investments.

My Schedule Has Room For 5-8 Real Estate Investor Coaching Clients and 2-3 Business Consulting Clients depending on the size of the business.  Click Here for more information

Nothing Happens Until You Move!


Real Estate Investor, Business Turnaround and  Real Estate Investment Coach

Real Estate Investor, Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

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