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Results-Guaranteed“I stand behind everything presented here. When I write and say  I guarantee the results – I guarantee the results.  If I discover something that was written or said is incomplete or inaccurate, you will hear the correction from me.”

Steve Pohlit 
“Results Guaranteed”
“Your Success Is My Business”

Results Guaranteed Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring
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Coaching vs. Mentoring and Consulting. 

In my view coaching and mentoring is about the same.  Under  a mentoring program there is likely more time to non- business matters. In both cases,  most of the work is done by phone  email and text.  Yes text,- when a deal is in the pipeline,  I ask for texts so I am alerted as to developments.  I don’t want to lose opportunities.

Consulting is an expansion of coaching and involves larger chunks of time some of which is at the client’s business or market area.   That is a perfect introduction to the next section.

Results Guaranteed Business Coaching and Consulting

I offer results guaranteed for a business coaching or consulting program where there is an existing business with a track record – even if it is weak.  There are a few additional requirements including:

I determine the company has the skills, resources and willingness to implement directed changes.

There is clear agreement in writing as to the success and timing of those successes.

The owner and team are ready to follow a specific direction.

Results: With few exceptions,  I will only accept a coaching or consulting engagement if the profit results are two times the investment in coaching or consulting  in less than one year.  In most cases the returns are much higher. 

Will I partner on business consulting projects?  Yes!

Will I mentor executives and do business consulting?  Yes!

I am very experienced in business and as a successful  coach and consultant in many industries.  More about that and successes in another article.  Click Here for my resume.

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Real Estate Investment Coaching 

Results Guaranteed  Real Estate Investment Program.  

I am especially excited about this program. Remember this “there is no profit,  unless there is a qualified deal.  And the only qualified deal is the one that gets funded and he deals that get funded are profitable ones”.  Can you see that?

In this one on one real estate investment coaching program:

You will learn the profit formula we use so deals are successfully funded.  We are getting deals funded right now.  Having confidence the money is there is probably the biggest obstacle for real estate investors.  This obstacle is now off the table for you.

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Many real estate coaches and mentors begin with teaching you how to find deal.  That is the second step in my program.  The first step is understanding the numbers.

Now  for the best parts,  you will learn how to build your business and not just learn how to do successful real estate transactions. This is very important for developing deal flow and financial leverage. That will be more clear once you begin the program.  And finally :Real Estate Investment  Coaching Fees – there is a coaching fee. However most of is is paid for from the profits from the deals we help you find and close.  We are very careful with this as we understand you also have an interest in making money that you can keep.  We also need to know you are serious so we do have an upfront fee to start. Currently that number starts at  $3,000 and it depends on your coaching level.  Remember we guarantee the results and the results are profits from getting real estate deals done.

How Much Money Can You Make  When You Are In This Coaching Program?

We guarantee 1.5 times your coaching investment in your deal profits.  Once you are experienced, we will continue to partner with you on deals that meet the profit criteria you will learn.

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Nothing Happens Until You Move!

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Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Steve Pohlit, International Business  Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

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